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  1. Mortar detection standards are: GB/T25181-2010 pre-mixing mortar; JC/T2381-2016 repair mortar; JC/T890-2017 Steaming pressure adding gas-concrete wall-specific mortar; JGJ/T136-2017 Pressive strength technical regulations.

    Legal basis:
    “The Construction Law of the People’s Republic of China”
    Se 7 Before the construction project starts, the construction unit shall build the people’s government at or above the county level where the project is located in accordance with relevant national regulations The administrative department applies for a construction license; however, except for small projects below the limited amount determined by the construction administrative department of the State Council.
    The construction permits shall be obtained in accordance with the authority and procedures approved by the State Council and the construction report.
    36 The safety production management management of construction projects must adhere to the principles of safety first and prevention, and establish a sound responsibility system for safety production and the group prevention and group governance system.
    37 The design of construction engineering shall meet the construction safety regulations and technical specifications formulated in accordance with the state regulations to ensure the safety performance of the project.
    The accident during construction during construction, construction enterprises shall take emergency measures to reduce casualties and accidental losses, and report to relevant departments in a timely manner in accordance with relevant national regulations.
    52 The quality of construction engineering survey, design, and construction must meet the requirements of the national construction engineering safety standards, and the specific management measures shall be stipulated by the State Council.
    If national standards for construction engineering safety cannot meet the requirements of ensuring construction safety, it should be revised in time.
    53 The state promotes the quality system certification system for units engaged in construction activities. Units engaged in construction activities can apply to the quality system certification of the certification agency approved by the authorized department authorized by the State Council’s product quality supervision and management department or the product quality supervision and management department of the State Council. If the certification is qualified, the quality system certification certificate shall be issued by the certification agency.

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