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  1. First of all, in terms of personality, for example, I have a docile temperament, good temper, and like children. These aspects. In addition, in terms of the nature of the work itself, the kindergarten teacher for a child is the enlightenment teacher at the stage of school. It is a very meaningful thing to guide the development of the future generation correctly.
    Morne teacher can let you understand more about children, expand your knowledge, and help you get better early childhood education in the future; preschool teachers have cold and summer vacations, and they are also respected in society. You can also be relaxed temporarily in the winter and summer vacations; children in kindergarten are relatively simple, and they are with simple children all day. It is not so good.

    The notice and key notice for teachers:

    The above degree; primary school teacher qualification: graduation of college or other universities in high school colleges or other universities; junior high school teachers’ qualifications: graduate from high school or other universities and other universities; Or other universities graduate and their degree or above.

    The internship instructor of secondary vocational school teachers: graduation and degree of secondary vocational schools and above; teachers’ qualifications for colleges and universities: graduate or undergraduate degree in college Graduated from the school and the above degree. Have the basic quality and ability necessary for education and teaching.

    The above content Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia -Teacher

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