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  1. SMS marketing copy:
    Methods 1. SMS copy start with “introduction”
    [xx pet shop] Introduce the 8 major essential products of cats
    [XX home appliances] Introduction to enhance life happiness 9 Tips
    Remarks: “Introduction” can be replaced with other words, such as sharing, recommendation and other words
    Methods 2. SMS copywriting start with “Announcement”
    [xx game] Announcement: XX Game, open the new service at 8 o’clock tonight
    [XX Fresh] Tomorrow Special Vegetable Vegetable Announcement:
    Remarks: “Announcement” can be replaced with other words, such as announcement, notice, explanation, etc.
    Methods III. SMS copy start with “Last”
    [XX e -commerce] Last 1,000 sets of bungalows
    [XX Education] Last 10,000 sets of textbooks, now sign up for free
    Use The words “final” and “final” will make people feel that this product has been looking forward to it, and it is developed by long -term design.
    Methods 4. SMS copywriting embedded in the word “present”
    [XX clothing] The new spring in 2020 has been launched, and now it starts pre -sale
    Methods V. SMS copy “Date”
    [XX Real Estate] Daming Lakeside Lama officially opened on March 4
    [XX Catering] Dear member customers, XX Catering, XX Catering Starting from February 31, the launch of takeaway services
    Methods 6. In SMS copywriting, the price
    [XX Technology] XX technology customer relationship management system, February 15th to February 28th,, from February 15th to February 28th, Limited time price
    [XX Decoration] XX Decoration March Decoration Festival, all customers decorate 20 % off!

  2. Clarify the purpose of marketing SMS
    what is the purpose of making SMS marketing? What effect do you want to achieve? Want to add more new users? Or strengthen the brand image? Or promote user activity? Still hope to quickly increase sales?
    The is subject to the form and length of SMS. SMS cannot want everything and write everything. It requires highly concentrated refining. The structure of general SMS is the title marketing theme activity time promotion point participation form/address/short link signature.
    The customer needs to be able to quickly clarify three points in the text message:
    “Who sent the text message, what do you want to do now, what can you bring to me (is it what I want? Value). “
    The purpose of SMS marketing -SMS copy -Customers need to be clear three points, and the two ends need to be satisfied, and balance points need to be balanced in the middle.
    The short time to attract users’ attention
    The effective reading time of users after receiving the SMS is 1 second. How to make users interested and attracted in such a short period of time, so as to read it carefully?
    This textbook copywriting and content should not be too complicated to understand, and do not have too many thresholds and prerequisites. You can also create a sense of urgency and scarcity through some vocabulary.
    The sense of urgency and scarcity is two aid agents. People often want to go out but lack the person who pulls her out or a certain reasons.
    Musting any decision, I will tell myself that it is not anxious again. There is no need to decide anywhere now.
    So we must create a sense of urgency and scarcity in SMS. Good things are not always available, nor can anyone can participate easily.
    a/b test, find the most appropriate copywriting
    SMS A/B testing two (A/B) or multiple (A/B/N) SMS versions, which are sent to the same composition, respectively (Similar) group (target group).

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