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  1. With 2013, the flora transposition vegetation “Clinical Medicine Guide and Consensus” is recommended for the treatment of recurrence or difficultylobia infections, and is gradually promoted and applied to other intestinal disease treatment. However, the initial results are uneven, indicating that the treatment of flora transplantation will be affected by the excellent group of fungus. The success of flora transplantation depends on the diversity and composition of the flora supply. Therefore, the choice of flora transplantation supply is particularly critical.
    I international authoritative standards
    The success of flora transplantation depends on the supply body. The previous standards for the screening of the supply are basically compared with the standards of European and American countries, but due to the European and American countries and Asian people BMI and intestinal bacteria, intestinal bacteria, intestinal bacteria, and intestinal bacteria There are differences in groups, so my country gives six dimensions of supply screening standards based on foreign standards and related guidelines and clinical data: physiological, psychological, personal history, stability, persistence, and eclipse.
    Cofting standards and testing systems, the quality standard of the supply body is the key to effect. Chengge Pharmaceutical Group participates in the formulation of safety standards for national supply screening, formulates standards higher than international standards, and recommends stricter supply standard screening standards and processes for Chinese flora transplantation;
    If supply is one of the most important factors for successful and effective bacterial population transplantation. Chengge Pharmaceutical Group’s supplier screening is divided into three steps: questionnaire survey, clinical physical examination, and macroscopic group sequencing, choose high-Zhizhi people aged 18-28, under strict screening standards, the supply rate of the donor is only 2-3 r thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands. n three -step method screening
    1. Questionnaire survey
    It basic information, gender, age, height, weight, nationality, occupation, resident, experience, and medical history, medical history, medical history, medical history and medical history In addition to investigations such as family history, we have also increased the test content of IQ, EQ, skin, temperament, supply of body diet, and living habits, which are stricter than the current international authority screening standards.
    2 .. Clinical medical examination
    We we inspect whether the supply is infected with sexual diseases, metabolism and neurological lesions, and whether taking drugs that may affect the intestinal flora, etc., and eliminate the intestinal Far factors. And multiple serum science screening for the supply body, including blood routine, full healization set, hepatitis (hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis C), HIV1 and 2 antibodies, EB virus, syphilis and other virus detection, picnic spiral Screening items such as bacteria antibodies. And the samples of the supply of samples, the genus of Zhiga, and the cholera vycological microorganisms and a variety of parasitic screening were performed through the method of molecular biology, culture, and mirror examination methods.
    4. The sequence of the macroscopic group
    We also added the sequence of intestinal microbial macroscopic groups for the sample of the supply of the supply of the supply of the supply. Through the results of the macao group sequencing, we can evaluate the diversity of intestinal flora, beneficial bacteria content, and potential disease risks from the genetic level, and evaluate the quality of the fungus of the supplier from the micro -micro perspective.
    The first step in the filter of the body as a flora transplantation process is the most concerned issue for the majority of patients and doctors. Strict supply monitoring and supervision to ensure the quality of the supply is an important foundation for the industry and the key to ensuring the efficacy. The three -step screening method of Chengge Pharmaceutical Group is currently the highest screening standard for the domestic industry in China, and jointly published the supply of supply screening standards with 20 top three hospitals in China. High -quality healthy donors benefit to the public.

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