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Ask Euro Puppy USA : "External Dog Parasites"

October 20, 2007 by ann


Hi Mario, I have a question about mites. In July Brutus got three hot spots, one on his butt right above the tail, and two on his right shoulder. My vet said the tail was a hot spot, but the shoulders were mites. She said it was related to his testosterone levels and we should fix him right away. She also put him on a liquid oral medicine, everyday for two months, then every other day for two months, and then once every three days for two months. The hot spot was cured quickly and the hair grew back quick, the hot spots she said would take longer to the other follicles wake up. My question to you is everything looks great, all his hair has grown back and he looks perfect. My vet moved to Florida and we have a new one, but I wanted to check with you if this sounded familiar, and if we need to continue the medicine, we are three months into it. Is this something you know about? Ivercide 1% is the medicine. I have refills from the new vet but wanted your input.
Jennifer Peres


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