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Dognapping on the rise

August 24, 2011 by Peter

dognappingAccording to a recent article of USA Today, the number of dogs being stolen has risen dramatically in 2011.

Stealing dogs with the intention of demanding a ransom from the owner is not a new phenomenon. In fact, the first ever dognapping case was recorded in 1934. The stolen Boston Terrier was returned to its owner after 5 long months so the story had a happy ending.

Dogs become part of our families. They will be just like a small brother or sister to the kids. And when they are kidnapped and there is a chance that money can buy them back, we pay gladly – provided that we have the money demanded, that is.

Over time, as conformation showing became more popular, show dogs became the targets of thieves. It's easy to see that if the owner of a regular dog is willing to pay thousands of dollars in ransom, the owner of a valuable show dog might pay tens of thousands of dollars to get his pooch back.

Dognapping – not only for ransom but reselling, experiments and a number of other purposes – has become widespread in the United States by the 60’s. So much so that it had actually become one of the most talked about issues of the time. The public dismay and the floods of letters demanding something to be done put enormous pressure on the senate. As a result, the “Dognapping Law”, which became the Animal Welfare Act of 1966 was born.

The World's Oldest Dog - Meet Chanel No. 147

May 8, 2009 by sandor.fagyal

A dog named Chanel has just been declared the world’s oldest canine.

Chanel, a Dachshund cross that lives in New York, has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records as being 21 years old. Working on the widely held principle that a dog year equals seven human years, that makes Chanel an amazing 147 years old. According to her owners, Chanel is hard of hearing and suffering from cataracts. But otherwise she is in fine fettle and was even able to celebrate her 21st by visiting a New York Dog Hotel and Spa with come canine chums. You can read all about her - and see some fun photographs - here

Chanel, however, is far from the oldest dog to have ever lived. Until last Autumn, the oldest dog alive was believed to be Bella, a 29-year-old Labrador cross from Britain. Bella died from a heart attack in her Lincolnshire home a few months short of snatching the record for the oldest dog ever recorded. That honour remains the property of an Australian cattle dog called Bluey. He was put to sleep at the age of 29 years and 5 months. In human terms that means he was about 205 years old!

Mr. Popularity - Small dogs vs Big dogs

February 24, 2009 by sandor.fagyal

Dog lovers are usually divided into two types - those who love big dogs and those who love small ones. Small dog lovers admire the ease of maintaining and caring for a dog who eats less (and presumably poops less!) and who doesn't take up much space on the couch. Big dog lovers however, claim that they're not as yappy as the small dogs and are generally more lovable and enjoyable to be with.

small dog vs large dog

Regardless of which camp you're on, the battle seems to be going in favor the latter. While small dogs are very popular, the most popular dogs seem to be the biggers - German Shepherds, Labs and Golden Retrievers. They are the top three on the American Kennel club's list.

That trend may be changing however. As more of the world moves into apartments and smaller houses, the small dogs will probably see an increase in their numbers - keep a look out!

The End of a Royal Family - Napolean Family went extinct because of a dog!

January 26, 2009 by sandor.fagyal

We all know that dogs have been with Mankind since time immemorial. However, did you know that far from being passive watchers of humans, they have instead sometimes helped shape human history itself?

Dog statue
Image Credit: Svadilfari

For example, they have served with distinction in several famous wars, as well as saved the lives of countless individuals under different circumstances. King Buck - a Labrador Retriever was the first dog to ever feature on a US postal stamp and Robot, another member of the Canine family discovered the cave paintings at Lascaux.

However, there is one documented case of a dog causing the extinction of a famous family. The last surviving member of the Bonaparte family Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte was killed when he tripped over his dog's leash! This was as late as 1945. A noble family that once dominated Europe and had survived for around 200 years came to an end (albeit accidentally) because of a dog. Perhaps the dog shouldn't have been on a leash :)

What sort of a Dog should President Obama get?

January 22, 2009 by sandor.fagyal

There is plenty of press coverage for the fact that President Obama has to now get a dog for his daughters. Apparently, he had promised them a puppy regardless of the outcome of the election. The public got wind of this during his speech in Chicago.

So what sort of a dog should the President get? Rumors from the White House indicate that this president might go for a mixed breed favored by his daughter. The mixed breed that is most favored by her is the Labradoodle - A mix between the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle!



Nonetheless, the American public voted for the type of dog for the President, and the results were startling - The Poodle! Also ranking high on the public perception of dogs, were the Miniature Schnauzer, Bichon Frise, and Chinese Crested. Poodles are the eighth most popular dog in the United States.

Whatever breed is chosen, it must be hypoallergic since one of his daughters is hypoallergic.

Celebrity Dogs - Minnie Driver and her Black Labrador Bubba

November 11, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Minnie Driver is best known for her Academy Award nomination in the film "Good Will Hunting". Having recently given birth to her son in September, it's nice to know that they young boy will have black Labrador Retriever to take care of him!

Minnie Driver and her Labrador

Going by registrations alone, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the western world, in Europe and USA. In fact, they beat the next most popular breeds like German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers by a huge margin (almost 3-5 times).

The Labrador epitomizes the happy life and is most interested in eating and lots of fun! They are absolutely superb with young children, and is a great dog for a young child to start off life with! The saying goes that they can hold an egg in their jaws without breaking it. Such is the gentleness of this breed.

They are perfect for home and enjoy large families with lots of noise and enjoyment! A labrador brings a sparkle to any home :)

Come and see our Labrador Retriever puppies.

Wordless Wednesday - Hey! You promised me you'd play ball!

September 10, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Wordless Wednesday - See who's coming in the night!

September 3, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Anne Hathaway with her Labrador Esmeralda

August 5, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Anne Hathway who first earned fame with "The Princess Diaries", takes her Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Esmeralda for a walk.

Anne Hathaway's Labrador Retriever

Labradors are one of my favorite dogs. Big and strong, and yet with a nature that wouldn't hurt a fly. To my mind, they symbolize the doggy nature better than any other breed. Good choice Anne!

Endal -The Most Decorated Dog in the World

July 25, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

The 13 year old Labrador Retriever has sure seen some things in his time. He is the most decorated dog in the world, and has received the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) Gold Medal for Animal Gallantry and devotion to duty.

Endal - Labrador Retriever

Endal can respond to over a hundred verbal commands, and several hundred signs. He has also been awarded the Gold Blue Peter Badge, which has only been awarded to one other dog in History.