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Popular dogs in the Middle East

May 26, 2010 by sandor.fagyal

Many people would think that the weather in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain or Qatar might be too hot for dogs so they are very rare in the region. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Even though the circumstances are not ideal for breeding, dogs are increasingly popular in the Middle East.

The two main reasons why people in the Middle East own pets are protection and pleasure.

The classic protection breeds like the German Shepherd and Rottweiler are very popular, but there seems to be more and more demand for less known breeds such as the Cane Corso and Caucasian Mountain Dog. These breeds have a natural inclination to guard the territory they live in and the people they regard as family.  

The mighty Cane Corso

There is an important distinction to make between protection or guard dogs and watchdogs. While smaller breeds can also act as watchdogs to alert the family in case of danger, guard dogs must be big and intimidating enough to threaten the possible intruder to the point of retreat.

The video for all dog lovers!

July 8, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Check out these cute Havanese Puppies. You get a warm feeling all over when you view these guys. Makes you wonder why everyone doesn't have one of these bundles of joy. Check out the one with the puppies running!


Saying Goodbye to Your Beloved Dog....

April 9, 2008 by ann

It is never easy to lose a loved-one. Dogs are family members. They either grow up with us, or join our circle of trust the moment they enter our family. Nature works in mysterious ways. Small dogs live for a long time. Large dogs live for a short time. A Havanese can live up to 19 years if properly cared for, while a Bernese Mountain Dog lives for about 8 years only. This is an important factor to take into consideration, when buying a certain breed. 8 years is not a long time. How can one say goodbye, when the time comes? Ok, so this is not a happy topic, but it is just as important as when one deals with dog training or canine nutrition. It is inevitable. Why avoid discussing it?

As far back as Ancient Egypt, royalty mummified their favorite cats and dogs to ensure that in the after-life they would stand proudly next to them as well. In many countries, today – especially in the US and Australia- pet cremation services are highly respected. Others choose taxidermy, to force immortality into the body of their pet dog. This is more common in Europe. In Eastern Europe for instance, taxidermy is still more common. The topic of pet cremations can be found in pet forums, but its popularity is not felt yet.

The Dog...Our Family Member

However, loss is loss. And if one treats a dog as a family member, then he or she deserves that final respect as well. Some may choose a burial. There are many companies these days that offer pet cremation services as well as grief counseling services.


Euro Puppy Offers Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds!

March 13, 2008 by ann

Nature rewarded me with a love for dogs and an allergy for cats. Had it been the other way around, I might not be writing this article right now. Yet, although I steer clear of cats – for mostly this reason- I would find it unbearable if I were allergic to dogs. Yet some people are not so lucky, since they are allergic to dogs as well. For those dog lovers out there who suffer from allergies, upon high-fiving a doggy-paw, there really is a cure. A cure? Well…..apart from the anti-histamine tablets and nose-drops to alleviate post-nasal drip, the trick really lies in finding the right dog - and more correctly, the right dog breed - for you.

What are the reactions that cause humans to suffer from allergies? The allergic response is triggered when our immune system reacts to a perceived threat. Some people have a bad reaction to dander (flaky dead skin cells), saliva or secretion from the sebaceous glands of their dogs. Allergy sufferers can also react to the dust, pollen and dirt that gets caught up and spread around by their dogs.

So what is a hypoallergenic dog breed? Well, hypoallergenic dog breeds, are those breeds that are considered the most suitable for those who suffer from allergies. Although they do produce some dander, the amount is so small that very few people experience allergy symptoms when in contact with these breeds. Hypoallergenic dog breeds are usually single-coated, non-shedding (or low-shedding), generally smaller dogs, those dogs that retain the dander due to their curly coat, or are naked!

A list below shows those breeds that are best suited for allergy sufferers. If you have your sights set on another breed, then the best test to determine whether your allergies will be affected, is to spend 20 minutes in a closed off and confined area with the dog. Cars tend to work well for this. This is a simple test which can save the owner from heartbreak in the future.

However, do bear in mind, that no dog is completely 100% hypoallergenic. The ones below only have a much lower dander producing and shedding activity than the other 100 or so breeds and are thus recommended.

Small Dog Breeds.....Great For Apartment life...

February 11, 2008 by ann

Just because you live in a small home or apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a dog. There are a lot of small toy and companion breeds that can make excellent pets for people with small flats or homes. However, you should remember that even small dogs like variety and exercise, so be prepared to take your small dog for walks. Once you have made that commitment to yourself, you can choose which breed of dog is most suitable to you and your lifestyle.

Small dog breeds make the cutest puppies, and one of the cutest small dog puppies around is the Maltese. This popular small dog breed usually only grows no more than six or seven pounds in weight. It has a beautiful white coat. The Maltese is a very ancient dog breed and has a strong constitution. However, don’t keep it in very hot areas, due to its thick coat. This is a very playful little dog. A Maltese makes a great companion if you like lively little pets and enjoy the grooming chores as well.

Another very cute long haired small dog breed is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel . This lovely small dog is as elegant as its name and weighs about twice as much as a Maltese. The Cavalier is a friendly small dog that gives a lifetime of loyal attachment. This is the ideal dog if you prefer to lead a quiet life.

Top of the line in long haired small dog breeds is the Lowchen. If you enjoy spending long hours brushing, and don’t mind the hefty price tag of this little dog, then the Lowchen is for you. The beautiful `Little Lion’ dog can cost anything from $1000 and upwards. The Lowchen is a true indoors and it also seems to suffer from`separation anxiety’ so don’t get this dog breed if you are away for long hours every day.

If you prefer a little dog with a shorter coat,

Euro Puppy Works With Only the Best European Havanese Breeders!

December 5, 2007 by ann

The "Little Dog from Havana" was developed in Cuba, and was brought to the island country by Spanish sailors. The Havanese - as it became known- was considered a rare dog, and the Cuban Revolution didn’t do much to perpetuate their gene-pool. Many of the rich landowners escaped, leaving their dogs behind. By 1970, there were only 11 of these candy-floss dogs in the US, and thanks to the rigorous and well-meaning breeders within the US and Europe, their number and popularity has grown.

Havanese Puppies for sale at Euro Puppy

Euro Puppy has been working with top Havanese breeders from Europe since the onset. These are breeders who have extensive knowledge about the breed standards and take an active role in socializing the Havanese puppies; making sure that they are healthy and happy puppies. This is an imperative character trait of these little dogs, even as they mature into adulthood. Euro Puppy has a history of working with only the best Havanese breeders and a guarantee has always been given to them concerning the home that their Havanese puppies are shipped to. Since not only the breeders, but the safe shipping and the homes are of high standards as well. The Havanese breeders can thus rest assured that their beloved Havanese puppies are given the same degree of care and love as what they gave them before.


Havanese Video

November 9, 2007 by sandor.fagyal
Check out our latest Video with the Dancing Havanese Puppies