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Baby and dog in the same family?

July 6, 2010 by sandor.fagyal

If you are already a happy dog owner and your baby is about to arrive, you might wonder whether your baby is going to be safe around the dog, whether you should keep your pet at all. Many families in this situation are worried about the safety of their baby. The truth is, if you have the time to prepare your dog for the baby's arrival, there should be no problem at all.

The opposite case, if you already have a child and are thinking about getting a dog, is a bit easier, because you have the opportunity to choose a breed that is good with children. There is no one breed that is perfect with children. It mostly depends on the dog's individual temperament, training and early socialization. It is a good idea to browse around classifieds and see whats on offer.

If your child is very young (under 6 years old) it is recommended to get a dog which is more than 2 years old, because they need less attention. However, in this case you must make sure that the dog has been well socialized and obedience trained. While it is a common misbelief that small breeds are better with children, in fact, these dogs are usually more fragile, so kids can easily hurt them, which can lead to the dog being aggressive. Herding or protective breeds are not recommended either, as they might try to herd children due to their natural instinct.

Whatever breed you choose, it is always important not to leave your baby or young child and the dog together without supervision, until they both learn the rules. One thing is certain, having dogs can not be a wrong decision, if the parents are responsible. A dog in the family can also teach your child learn responsibility at a young age and that animals need constant care and attention. Learn more about what breeds are considered good with children.

Pet Finder versus Pet Shop...What's in a name.....?

January 10, 2008 by ann

Shakespeare rightly asked: "What's in a name?" Well in our case, everything we stand for. For the passed 7 years, Euro Puppy has offered healthy and happy puppies to satisfied customers from over 50 countries. It is by now a recognized brand worldwide, the ultimate one-stop puppy finder and a registered trademark! Euro Puppy doesn't work with pet stores and nor does it work with puppy mills. All the puppies at Euro Puppy come from top quality European breeders, who maintain the breed standards of over 150 different breeds. Euro Puppy adheres to the regulations pertaining to the right time when a puppy can be taken away from his or her mother. Puppies are not taken away from their mothers too early. This is often the case with pet stores and the puppies have less time to receive the love that they require from their mothers. All the puppies are examined by a staff veterinarian prior to being shipped to their new families. Every puppy is sold with a lifetime guarantee and all the breeders undergo quality assurance programs by Euro Puppy. Thus the high standards are maintained at all times.

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