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Top 5 winter dog breeds

November 28, 2011 by Peter



While most dogs, like us humans, prefer a warm climate, some of them thrive in cold weather and definitely don't need to be dressed in winter. In this post, we are introducing 5 dog breeds that we think are best suited for cold climates.

The Chow Chow's Black Tongue

October 6, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

So imagine showing your Chow Chow to a friend who's never seen one before. Your dog is hot and panting, and your friend recoils in surprise - "Whadya know? He's got a black tongue"!

That's literally black and not just a figure of speech to indicate psychic powers. The Chow Chow is the only dog on earth that has a black tongue, while all other dogs are content to have pink ones.

Chow Chow's black tongue

The Chow Chow breed is well known for the love of it's home and reluctance to take to strangers immediately. Be warned! Certain insurance policies specifically make the Chow Chow exempt from their protection due to this.

However, the Chow Chow shows remarkable loyalty to it's owner and therefore highly prized for this quality.