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Puppy Delivery !!! Italy 18th Jan 2013

January 19, 2013 by steve

Special Road Delivery to Italy!!!

Ken's New family in Italy


Diesel's new family in Italy




カメラと並ぶ主要な輸出商品となった。1955年には国産初の自動巻腕時計「セイコーオートマチック」が発売され、そのBURBERRY BU9124 レディース シルバー後も「グランドセイコー」、「シチズン クロノメーター」など、スイス製に匹敵する精度の国産時計が登場した。

Really like this picture, and

Really like this picture, and do well. I will let you all know it, so that more people visit.
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Those puppies are really

Those puppies are really cute. Now, they find another good family. - Nationwide Relocation Services

so cute shih tzu puppy for

so cute shih tzu puppy for Ken's New family in Italy.:)

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