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Caucasian Shepherd: family pet or ruthless killer?

November 14, 2011 by Peter

Caucasian ShepherdWe have been experiencing a steady growth in the number of enquiries for Caucasian Mountain Dogs or Caucasian Shepherds as they are also known. We’ve been trying to figure out what the increase in popularity can be attributed to, but we can only guess.

One of our guesses is that the Caucasian Shepherd breed has been featured in a National Geographic show 3 years ago in the US and this has had a long lasting effect on the popularity of the breed. Clips of the show, such as the one below, are available on Youtube, generating hundreds of thousands of views as we speak.

We also think that the increased demand for the Caucasian Ovcharka is partly due to the unfortunate tendencies of the global economy. In a crises, when people loose their jobs and crime spreads like wildfire, more and more people search for new ways of protecting their property. And one of the best ways to guard a property is undoubtedly having a Caucasian Shepherd around.

When people enquire about Caucasian Mountain Dogs, before we recommend one of our beautiful Caucasian Shepherd puppies, we always ask them about their previous experience of owning dogs and do not recommend the Caucasian to the first time dog owner at all.

Unfortunately, many people think that the Caucasian Mountain dog is a family pet and we have to tell them that it’s not. This breed is not for the ordinary person, but for someone who has dedicated a large part of his life to dogs.


Caucasians easily grow 70 centimeters tall and weigh 80 kilos or more. The reason why they are so good at protecting live stock, sheep for instance, is because they are not afraid to attack a pack of wolves or even a bear. They have an extremely strong guardian instinct and will exhibit a threatening behaviour towards all strangers. They won’t hurt whoever they consider family, but we still don’t recommend the breed to families with children. With such a strong herding and guardian instinct and powerful body, it is best not to take that risk.

We only recommend Caucasian Mountaing Dogs to people who are experienced dog owners and are able to display strong leadership so that the dog always knows who is in charge. Otherwise the Caucasian will naturally assume the alpha role for himself.

This breed needs extensive socialization to teach him that not all strangers are enemy. The earlier this process is started the better. Obedience training of the Caucasian Shepherd is also an absolute must and it takes an experienced and strong handler. As opposed to most other breeds, puppy school is probably not a good option for the Caucasian. It doesn’t always tolerate other dogs and if it gets out of control, can be very difficult to stop even at a young age.

In summary, the Caucasian Shepherd is the ultimate guard dog. It is capable of protecting huge industrial estates from intruders and doesn’t mind being on its own as long as it has a job to do. It is the perfect dog if used for its natural purpose, but it’s definitely not for the every day dog owner.


is there any breeder here in

is there any breeder here in nigeria intrested in cauca pup pls contact me if available 08061665396

Hi I live in kzn Midlands in

Hi I live in kzn Midlands in south africa and iv been looking for a caucasian shepherd for a while now. Iv been a loving dog owner all my life and am very keen on having one. I have a large secure property. Please tell me if or when you will have pups available? 0832066787

Looking for a pup. Live in

Looking for a pup. Live in Tennessee, Memphis is our closest airport.
Can you help me find a breeder who has pups available. Been looking for 1 year.

I took care of a 3 yr old Caucasian for 15 months. She was awesome and I grew to love the breed.
Thank you in advance.

Keith fisher.. Contact me.

Keith fisher.. Contact me. There are only 2 CO beeeders in South Africa. We will be getting our two pups in about 3 weeks. We stay in joostenbergvlakte, cape town. Contact me then perhaps you could meet them and then decide if you still want one.

I am not so fully concerned

I am not so fully concerned about the dog with myself or facilitating the dogs needs but will he be alright with my children? They range from 2 to 14. I have read in some places that they are wonderful with training but I must not make a mistake due to the fact a life could be at risk. So if anyone could please answer me this, will this dog (if properly trained) be able to co-operate with toddlers and other dogs?

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Wow! I didn't know much about

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hi there guys. hhmmm you have

hi there guys.

hhmmm you have a great Caucasian shepherd there.
My Name is Mohammed Ali From Oman, and i would love to buy from you a puppy a male, if you still have one, please replay to me, and in-light me with you're current state detailed.
thanks have a niice evening.

It is true that this dog is

It is true that this dog is not for everyone and rarely people have conditions to own this dog. I have grew up with two of Caucasian Shepherds, and I would strongly recommend them especially to families because these dogs are amazing if you train them well. When I was 13 years old (my sisters 8 and 7) our first caucasian shepherds died and my dad bought 2 new pups. They have been in my life for more than 7 years now and I cannot imagine living without them. Yes, it is true that these dogs cannot be in the house because they are just too big, but size really doesn't matter, if you train your dog well he will be kind, loving and will obey you. If you don't even Chihuahua can hurt you.

Today he weights 115kg and she around 85kg, they eat allot of food and need proper care because of their rapid growth as they are pups. They need to take their pills for strengthening their bones, otherwise as they get older their bones will get weaker and they will have problems with getting up and walking. They need to be in the big gardens or any kind of big territory, so they can run and play. Also, I wouldn't recommend them to people that live in hot areas where there is no winter, these dogs love winter, when the show comes they are so happy, jumping around, eating it and playing with it. Their winter is like summer to us, because of their thick fur they just love it. Speaking of fur, it took me 2-4 hours to brush their fur when they were moulting twice a year. Some of them don't like water so it is hard to get them cleaned, but you can always find a way. Don't ever think that because they are protecting your house, land or whatever, they don't need your love. They are dogs and as to any other dog you mean a world to them, so please if you own a Caucasian Shepherd or you are about to buy one, love them and separate some time to be with them and they would protect you even more.

Once I was attacked near my house, they wanted to rob me, but I started screaming so my parents can hear me, but they didn't because it was really late, however my dog have heard me, with help of dumpster he managed to jump over 3 m fence, find me and save me. I was never happier in my life to see him. You couldn't imagine the faces of two man that were trying to rob me, they could not move because my dog was growling (if you have never seen CS growling google it, it is scary, especially when they weight 115kg), he was trained so he listened to me and didn't attack them, but if he did, he would kill them. They seemed happy when police came and attested them.

Apart that, I have so many beautiful memories connected to them, just sitting in my garden reading a book while they lie around or behind me and I can lean on them. Playing with them or just talking when I feel sad or just because they seem sad or bored. When my sisters turned 10-11 they used to play hairdresser with them, so both of the dogs would end up with pink ribbons around their ears and many small ponytails on their heads, with pink and sparkly headbands of course. Yes, it was kind of a torture, but they didn't care, they realised my sisters were just playing and that it was making them happy so they just let them. They are also perfect huggers, because they are so big and fluffy and cute and well basically they are a part of a family. I love them with all of my heart and I am glad my family had decided to buy them 7 years ago, because if they didn't, I would be a completely different person today.

So, if you want to own this dog, remember to train them well, separate your time for them, prepare spending allot of money on food and other things they need and most of all remember that you mean a world to them.

How much for a pup? Could

How much for a pup? Could they take take deep south Texas heat.

How much for a pup? Could

How much for a pup? Could they take take deep south Texas heat.

i would like to meet a

i would like to meet a breeder and see them first hand i live i maryland and would like to find someone close to me

Caucasian Shepherds are just

Caucasian Shepherds are just intelligent as any other dog breads. However, this particular bread is require special treatment of leadership. Leadership involves LEADING the pack. The owner of the Pack should stand as a THE LEADER. It is apply to all shepherds. Also those large dogs commonly, very loyal to the Owner/Leader and most of all will never harm the harmless. Keep in mind that those kind of dog will go straight for "fighting dog" spine in no time.

Not the Dogs Fault! Its the

Not the Dogs Fault! Its the Owners.

Every Dog could be handsome with good training...

I saw these dogs on Wikipedia

I saw these dogs on Wikipedia initially and when I looked at pics of them they are a very handsome looking dog. When I saw the youtube clip shown above I was shocked! This breed is clearly dangerous to have around and if owned by people like the guy 'Mike' in the video these dogs may just go and kill the wrong person. He couldn't control a dog that size! I would never want to own one of these dogs as they are a liability.

Yes, I think some dogs should have guarding instincts, and there's nothing wrong with that, but this dog is a ferocious killer and you may just end up with a lawsuit on your hands if they follow that instinct. dkoriss - you are incredible!! So you think it's a good idea to stop this dog from accepting people and being friendly around them and all you want is a murderer with 4 legs who may just go and kill someone innocent and it's your fault because it's your dog! A disgusting attitude and 'perspective'. Those breeds you mentioned are bred that way nowadays so that they aren't harmful when in public when treated properly by the owner and that is they type of qualities that I believe should be bred into this breed because without it they're just a danger. I am amazed that they are still allowed in so many countries because with a temperament like they do I truly believe it won't be long before they become banned in a number of countries and the breed becomes rare. Most people don't want to own a dog this aggressive and I for 1 am 1 of them.

i love so much dogs those are

i love so much dogs those are my favorite dog .please am also want Caucasian Shepherd puppies

please help me.

How do I go about getting one

How do I go about getting one like these, I live in South Africa Cape Town

How do I go about getting a

How do I go about getting a caucasian shepherd dog. I live in South Africa Cape Town

love them!:] how much?

love them!:] how much?

I own a GSD and decided to

I own a GSD and decided to also own a Caucasian Ovcharka from the very day I saw the documentary on National Geographic channel.I later knew they can survive in this part of the world(Africa-Nigeria)considering the hotter climate we have hear.I did an extensive study of the breed before actually going for one.mine is now 11 months,2weeks old and he is just so cute and loving.he is very large and strong,weighs 76kg and is starting to show signs of a "no nonsense"dog towards other dogs,and his protective instincts are starting to "pump"in fast.guys.......,I love this super breed!!!

Lovely dogs thinking of

Lovely dogs thinking of getting a make, a pet/gaurd dog, trained all big breeds and find that I need a challenge,and love big strong dogs,this is the breed I definitely want,i love in the midlands any breeders near by,. Raj

Looking to get a causation

Looking to get a causation shephard. Where do I turn to.?

As an owner of COs and

As an owner of COs and presently have a rather large one year old, 78 cms at the shoulder and 76 klgs, he is large to say the least. I have breed trained and owned many breeds but the CO, Caucasian ovcharka, is by far the strongest, hardest to train, but at the same time beautifully loving. I am always reinforcing his training and also handing authority to my wife and son of 21/2. They have four types of bond. They are incredibly strong. He has destroyed one front door already while protecting the house. They have 650+ psi bite force if a large fully grown male. They don't stop they kill. They rarely warn. If you break in you are dead unless we are around to call him off. He loves other dogs but that changes between 1-2yrs with wary aggression of male dogs to a vicious dislike of all dogs. These are not for the meek or gentle. You must put. In constant effort. But he plays football so gently with my baby boy, giving space and helping him .... It is amazing his gentleness. But he is deadly. When enraged he fears and feels nothing. So hope that gives enough warning. Females are gentler but not much. A good breeder is They ship all around the world. And have the cleanest blood lines ... The old working lines off of the mountains.

Sorry but I have completely

Sorry but I have completely different perspective for the socialization thing!
This breed as any guard breed DO NOT NEED EXTENSIVE SOCIALIZATION or within few generations YOU DESTROY THE BREED!!!.
The breed started as Nagazzi and few other type of aboriginal caucasians.
Do you think that they used to extensively socialize these dogs in order to attack wolfs and bears and thieves with ferocity?
Well I know the answer and is strictly NO!
Watered down caucasians (like any other guard breed) are produced using as a lever the SOCIALIZATION MARSMELLOW, and is already a fact.
If you want to rescue one of the last natural guard dog breed in the world, STOP SOCIALIZING THE PUPPIES and breed ONLY THE HIGHLY STTRANGERS AGRESSIVE DOGS as long they are stable with their own family ONLY-ONLY-ONLY!!!!!!!!!!
This is my perspective at least.

I really love caucasian

I really love caucasian sherpard.

Mountain type dogs: **Greater

Mountain type dogs:
**Greater Caucasus dogs:
***Georgian mountain dogs
***Dagestani mountain dog

Caucasian or Georgian

Caucasian or Georgian shepherd is very good dog if you live in mountains.

As a Caucasian Ovcharka owner

As a Caucasian Ovcharka owner I will say this dog is strong willed(stubborn) and difficult to train. They are dog aggressive but, will accept other dogs if raised with them. My dog loves people once he has met them but, he is very cautious of strangers. Of all the dogs I have had his power is beyond anything you could imagine and if he is allowed to pull while on a leash your in trouble. If you decide to purchase one of these dogs you MUST train them. With their family they are very loving and a well trained Caucasian Ovcharka will be the best dog you could ever have. Remember they Must be trained and they must know you are in charge.

I will luv 2 have 2 of d

I will luv 2 have 2 of d caucasian shepherd pupies n a very rough n hard 1 n mre info 2. Thnks n hav a luvly day.

I luv caucasian shepherd, i

I luv caucasian shepherd, i have been breedin dogs but havn't seen a luvly gr8 smart 1 like dis. pls i have a question. Wats d best food 4 a healthy growth? N d best enviroment 4 dogs.

Why?? Do pets try to e-mail

Why?? Do pets try to e-mail you?
You may attribuite some of your inquiries to some of the Russian prison documentaries where these dogs are used for security dogs.

I also have had dogs, my last

I also have had dogs, my last one was a German Shephard of 14 years. It's just me and my wife. kids are gone. I am very interested in a puppy and info too. Thank you and have a good day.

I have own German Shepherds

I have own German Shepherds for most of my life. I train dogs on the side and my present Shepherd, Thunder is the best one I have ever had. Thunder is in the senior years of his life, now 10 years old I know I will not have him very much longer. I am very interested in one of these pups and would appreciate more info. Thank you for your time

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