Mongolia With Love!!

January 23, 2014

A Hungarian Breed, the Komondor, is on his way with new happy owner Agar to Mongolia; another first for the Euro Puppy family.

Have a happy flight and life together.

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January 21, 2014

New Agents ‘Move One Relocations’ deliver first shipment of many to their new owners in UAE  on evening of 17th January 2014!!!

Diego with New Family.

Zoe (aka) Cuba Libre  with her new family.

Thank you ‘One Move’ for a great service to Euro Puppy and our valued customers in UAE.

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From Hungary to Austrialia With Love

December 19, 2013

Yes Euro Puppy sent Havard a Bernese Mountain Dog from Hungary to its new owners Rob & Joyce in Austrailia.

He arrived safely after a long, but uneventful journey, from temperatures of 3c, to that over 40c, but they are looking after him well with automatic water spays to keep him cool.


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Puppy Delivery 6th December – Austrian/Italian Border

December 7, 2013

3 new customers collected their pups ready for Christmas on Friday 6th December.

Michael & wife from San Quirino, Italy with ‘Cherry’ their Beagle.


Donald and family with Damien an English Bulldog from Vicenza, Italy.

Joseph & Colleen with their 2 Husky’s  Mika & Callie from Sacile, Italy.

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Budapest from Italy!!

August 11, 2013

Brett traveled from his base in Italy to see our great city,Budapest and collect his new pup a great looking American Staffordshire Terrier called Lady.

Enjoyed seeing the City, but even more pleased to see his new pup!

Safe journey home.

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"Puppy Delivery" 2nd August Germany & Austria/German Border

August 3, 2013

 4 Happy new owners received their new family members this week at their homes in Germany or collected them at our new delivery point on the Austria/German Border.

Barry the Saint Bernard with new owners Kayla & Jason

Brie with new owners Veronica & daughter

Vader with new owners Lindsey & Zack

Ninja joins existing Euro Puppy owners Loretta & family with Euro Puppy Aurora

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Euro Puppy – Sensation- Winner

May 12, 2013

Yulius Sugiyanto from Indonesia has adopted several English Bulldogs from us here at Euro Puppy.

He proudly informed us that Sensation, one of his English Bulldogs has just won ‘Best Puppy’ and ‘Best Puppy in Group’ at a recent major show in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Congradulations to Yules and his great pup ‘Sensation’.


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Safe Shipping

The regulations of each country regarding the transportation of live animals varies greatly. However, our 10 years experience of shipping dogs to over 80 countries makes us your best option to have your dog shipped. We fully comply with the regulations of each destination and make our dog's well-being the number one priority at all times. Our dogs get food and water during their travel and their crates are cleaned in an animal holding facility. They travel in a climate controlled room on the airplane, which insures that they are effected by the journey as little as possible.

Free Microchip

At Euro Puppy, every dog comes with an ISO compatible microchip ($30 value) at no extra cost. Microchipping is now an international standard and is no more painful than a vaccination. The microchip can normally be detected between the shoulder blades of the dog. In the US, AVID chips are used and AVID chip readers will not detect the ISO compatible microchips. Please make sure your reader can read ISO compatible chips.

Great value for money

You will find our service to provide great value for money, as our prices include:

  • veterinary certificate,
  • up-to-date vaccination,
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  • pet passport,
  • microchip,
  • airline approved crate
  • and 10 year satisfaction guarantee.

You get the all this, plus a fury little thing you'll love for life.

Free Airline Approved Crate

Airlines have strict regulations regarding the dimensions and quality of the crates allowed on board. The crate must be escape and leak-proof. It must be ventilated on at least two sides and must provide enough room for the dog to stand up and turn around. We make sure to provide the right crate ($75 value) for your puppy at no extra cost.

Veterinarian checked

In addition, the official, on duty veterinarian at the airport checks each dog to make sure it is healthy and fit to travel. This is how all of our puppies are double checked before they travel.

10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction for 10 years! That may sound crazy, but it's true. See The Guarantee.