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The Sniffing Basset Hound

December 18, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

The Basset Hound has an amazing sense of smell. Second only the Blood Hound in this regard, they were initially bred for hunting Rabbits. Their long ears are often the subject of much comment!

Their noses mean that they respond exceptionally well to all promises of food while training. Here is a poem about their amazing sense of smell..... 


The saggy baggy Basset Hound
has ears that nearly touch the ground
with mournful eyes and wrinkled skin
that hangs below his droopy chin

But Basset has a clever snout
His nose will always sniff you out
With this amazing nasal asset
nothing an get past the Basset





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Love this poem! It says

Love this poem! It says inspirational words to our beloved pets. - Adam LaFavre

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