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Denise Richards and Her French Bulldog

December 16, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

We all know Denise Richards as the "Bond Girl" in "The World is not enough". She may not want to be remembered for that as she got the dubious award for the worst Bond Girl of all time!

Nonetheless, she has been consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful women in the world and she's chosen a French Bulldog to keep her company. His name is Hunk.

Denise Richards and her French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are one of the best known apartment dogs. In fact, their flat nose, and body shape prevent them from effectively regulating their temperature outdoors. In spite of this, they are considered to be one of the healthiest Bull Breeds.

They are well known for their easy going ways and make ideal companions. Historically, though the breed has a French Prefix, they were mostly developed in the US and Britain. A common name for the breed is Frenchie!

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So nice to know that she

So nice to know that she loved french bulldog! Dos is a man Bestfriend and I am very comfortable for it! - Kris Krohn

Dogs are intelligent animal

Dogs are intelligent animal it has the ability to learn many things. - Sandra Dyche

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