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Dog Poem: A Dog's Best Friend

September 11, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Haven't you wondered how much dogs put up with from us Humans? Our moods, our ill treatments and heartlessness?

Sometimes we need to remember to patiently tolerate the small inconveniences that our dogs put us to and remember that it's a two way relationship.


A Dog's Best Friend

O Lord, don't let me once forget
How I love my trusty pet-
Help me learn to disregard
canine craters in my yard
Show me how to be a buddy
even when my sofa's muddy,
Don't allow my pooch to munch
postal carriers for lunch,
Shield my neighbor's cat from view,
guide my steps around the doo,
Train me not to curse and scowl,
when it's puppy's night to howl,
Grant I shan't awake in fear
with a cold nose in my ear,
Give me patience without end-
Help me be; A DOG'S BEST FRIEND.

---Author Unknown---



yes Dog is very faithful

yes Dog is very faithful friend.human always try to harm you or to pull your leg but dog is a very good friend.but in this poem poet himself prayer to God that he wants to become the dogs best friend ......strange but nice ....we must respect our pressure gift...true friend is on of the great gift of god no matter human or animal

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