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Boxer or not?

July 14, 2010 by ann

We have received a letter from Clark, a Boxer owner, and thought we should share his story with our readers so that you can learn from it.  Here goes Clark's email:

Boxer Puppy 

This Month’s Dog Q & A

December 3, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Question: Dog Cruelty & Injured Pets - Questions from a California Dog Owner

“I know of two possible times of animal cruelty where the dogs have been abused by the owner by kicking, beating with a belt, under-feeding, etc. This really disturbs me as I have always loved animals. I need to take some kind of action if I knew what I could do. I know that the Humane Society might not be of much help in this type of situation, and if they were, might take similar steps to that of the pound. So therefore, I do not believe the dogs would be much better off.”

“My second question is about injured animals. What can I do one sees an injured animal along side the road? Once again, I would love to help but have heard so much about how the city likes to throw animals into pounds and how they fail to treat injured dogs and cats. Do you have any advice on how a person should handle a situation like this?”

Read the answer...

Guide dog for Children under 17?

October 9, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Recently, we received a request for a guide dog for a 10 year old child. The family has been trying to locate a suitable seeing eye dog for their daughter but without any luck. They found that responsible trainers don't allow children under 17 to have guide dogs. The obvious question is, 'Why can't my child have a well trained guide dog if she is 10?'

Here is the question asked by one of her parents:

'My daughter is the one who is in need of a dog. She is almost 10. We adopted her from China when she was 4. You can actually "google" her on internet under "Cricket Bidleman." In the US, we cannot find a guide dog provider who will provide a dog to any child under 17 years. Cricket is in regular school, and her only difficulty is when she moves from class to class or to the field because even with a cane, she ends up running into things a quite a bit since she can't see.'

Ask Euro Puppy USA: "Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as Bird Dogs?"

February 14, 2008 by ann


Can you train Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as Bird Dogs?




Dear Pierce,

Thank you for visiting Euro Puppy and for your query. Concerning Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as bird dogs…let me explain a few things, before I can answer your question...

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an interesting breed since it is first and foremost a companion dog. Even the FCI registers it in the 9th group, which is designated for companion dogs. All the other spaniels belong to 8th group as designated by the FCI. This group is for the spaniels that are more hunting / bird dogs. A Cavalier, however is in its element if it is around people and family members. Therefore it is a companion dog. However, like all Spaniels, the Cavalier also has a genetic background of being a hunting dog…or a gun dog /bird dog since it was used to retrieve birds and game.

Of all the Spaniel breeds, the original Cavalier is the only one that developed into a lap dog and therefore its hunting instincts have quite drastically been hindered. The other Spaniels, like the Springer Spaniel or an American Cocker Spaniel are also great family dogs, but their hunting, bird dog instincts are far greater, since they are still today used for such activities. Cavaliers, however have been known to catch small birds in mid-flight that fly too close to the ground. Such behavior is a result of their earlier use as a hunting dog, and as such, they can develop habits that predispose them to chase small animals such as chipmunks, squirrels, etc. Because of this, it is recommended that care should be taken when walking a Cavalier off-leash, as they can single-mindedly chase a butterfly or squirrel onto a busy road or other dangerous situations without regard for their own safety if not properly trained.

Ask Euro Puppy USA: "Misunderstanding Orders":

February 6, 2008 by ann


Hi! When your dog just doesn't sit down; instead just lies down...or when you say lie down and it sits down instead, what can be done?


Training a dog or pup to respond to commands often takes time and patience. The first and most important thing is that he or she has your attention. For this it is best if he/she is wearing a choke collar and is leashed. Gentle pulls on the leash will almost always get their attention. If this particular dog has never responded to these commands, then you need to start from scratch.

First, while holding him close with the leash, tell him to sit with a firm but non-threatening voice. If he does not respond, then you should repeat the command. This time you tug down on his rear until he sits. Once he accomplishes this, you praise him well in words and perhaps even a doggie treat. Walk him for a bit then repeat the command. Again, if he does not sit, do the same motions. This may take some time until he gets the point.

Ask Euro Puppy USA: "Continuous Biting Problems"

December 29, 2007 by ann


Hello Mario

I was wondering: what is the best way to get over the biting of a Bull Terrier? Everyone says they have the same problem. I was hoping you could give me some insight because I know you have dealt with some pretty wild dogs. She is, not to crazy, since she has learned to sit, stay somewhat and she is pretty good about going potty-ing outside.



The best way to stop that biting is to each time she tries, to hold her mouth shut, shake her head firmly and say the word NO! If she continues, do it again and again until she gets the point. Most of this is play, but you must teach her to stop before it becomes a real nuisance. This behavior is quite typical of all young pups. Let me know if it works. There are other methods. Though this is the one most commonly used.


Ask Euro Puppy USA: "Potty Training for Puppies"

December 4, 2007 by ann


Dear Mario,

On my puppy's potty training how do you find it best? Just rewards when he goes outside? Also how do I get him to start going to the door to let me know? I know it's a work in progress. What do you suggest?


Each one is an individual and will learn at his or her own rate. The fundamental way to get started is to take him outside right after he has eaten or drank his water. If he does do his business, praise him well. If he does not go, then either put him in the kennel we shipped him in until he cries to get out, then at that time take him outside again. Repeat this until he does go. Then you let him run the house. I have found that the "Wee Wee pads" work very well to train them to do on paper versus anywhere in the home. You may need to place a few down in different areas at first. But as he learns you can get him used to one spot only.

If he does go in the house, scold him with a firm NO. Never hit him. This only makes him hand shy and it could lead to him to be so scared of hands that each time one is raised around him her will pee on himself from fear. I have found that patience, love and repetitive use of the same methods work wonders with any breed. Frenchies in particular are quite comical and aim to please their owners. Start training right away and the rewards will be endless.

Do contact me with any questions. Keep me posted on his progress and please share pictures of him with us.



Euro Puppy

Ask Euro Puppy USA: " Callouses on Dogs"

November 12, 2007 by ann


Hey Mario,
I noticed that Norman has small bald spots near his elbows about the size of a nickle that is kind of rough in texture. Is this a callous? Also, will the hair ever grow back? Let me know. Norman has chewed up his last $50.00 bed, and we wanted to wait until he grew up a little before we got him another one. I just hope these callouses will heal and have his hair back. It's super hard to notice, but I rub and pet him often.


Chris Clapp


Hey Chris,
What Norman has are callouses. This is quite common for the large, heavy breeds when they do not have a smooth soft surface to lie on. My suggestion would be to get him a heavy duty indoor/outdoor carpet as a sleeping/resting spot. This will solve the problem. In the meantime, you may want to rub the callous areas with either petroleum jelly or some other sort of moisturizing salve. This will speed up the healing process and his hair will grow back. Keep up the great work you have being doing with this gorgeous Tibetan and do contact me with any other questions you may have. I am here to assist you.



The Introduction of the New and Unique "Ask Euro Puppy USA" Application:

November 8, 2007 by ann

Hello Everybody!
Let me introduce myself. My name is Mario and I have been with Euro Puppy for over two years now. I run the US division of this widely-recognized company. My love for all animals and dogs in particular has taken me far and wide. I currently have 40 dogs, and over 30 years’ experience in caring for and raising different breeds. Apart from dogs, I have – and have had- all kinds of wonderful exotic animals as well; including primates, tigers, lions, hawks, eagles, crocodilians, etc. Our goal is to educate the public about the importance of preserving different species that may very well become extinct in the wild in the future. However, my number one passion remains dogs. I would like to offer my knowledge, to assist you in caring for and raising your puppy. If you may have any questions regarding the health or training of your puppy, please do not hesitate to contact me. As part of Euro Puppy’s unique post-purchase service, we are here to make your life with your furry friend the best it can be. With my experience and expertise, caring for your puppy will be smooth-sailing. So Ask Euro Puppy USA... (Just fill out the contact us form)