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Dog castration pros and cons

June 25, 2010 by sandor.fagyal

“Would castration solve the behavioral problems of my dog? Would it stop the wandering? Would it solve the problem of urine marking? Is it a struggle? Will my dog gain weight after the surgery? Would it reduce its protection ability? What other solutions are there for making my dog infertile?”

Just a few of the frequently asked Questions about neutering male dogs. Although the topic is quite controversial, there are some proven facts that I would like to share a few thoughts about to help you in making this important decision. Let's see the most common believes and the truth.

Belief #1: Castration will reduce the aggression level of my dog.

Well, in some cases, yes. But only if the dog is trained well. If your dog shows aggression towards people or other dogs due to the lack of training and care, castration is not going to solve the problem. But in most cases it can reduce the sex-related aggression, thanks to the decrease of the hormone level.

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Dogs in Bahrain

June 3, 2010 by sandor.fagyal

Bahrain, a country with a population just over a million, is located in the Middle East neighboring Saudi Arabia and Qatar. With one of the worlds fastest growing economies, Bahrain functions as a financial hub of the Middle East and is home to many expatriates.


The majority of the population is of islamic background. According to islamic religious rules, dogs are not to be kept in one's house, unless they are trained for hunting or guarding live stock and "serve a purpose". What's more, if one touches a wet dog, one's hands become impure and must be washed seven times, one of which should be with earth. Touching a dry dog is considered okay though.