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Dog Poems: "Lonesome"

July 31, 2008 by sandor.fagyal
Ever wonder how little puppies take care of themselves when it's cold?


Little Puppy, sitting there
In the field mid daisies fair
wary eyed you look at me.
Are you lost? Or could it be
someone put you in this place
all alone this to face.
Soon the sun will fade from sight
and the day will turn to night.
You have no drink or food to eat.
Come---I will take you home with me.
Little things need loving care.
Perhaps that is why
God put me here.

---Donna Lou McPherren---


Doggy Humor # 31

July 31, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

A doggy hazard...And you thought that they have it all made eh?

Doggy Humor


Wordless Wednesday -"I ain't going nowhere without my friend!!"

July 30, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

The dog and the ball
Image Credit:

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Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Dog Quotes # 33

July 30, 2008 by sandor.fagyal


"Breed not a savage dog, nor permit a loose stairway." - Talmud




Dog and Puppy Videos

July 30, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Dog Proverbs # 33

July 30, 2008 by sandor.fagyal


“The dog that fetches will also carry.” - Latin Proverb



Celebrity Dogs: Beth Ostrosky and her Bulldog

July 29, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Beth Ostrosky, who has been ranked in the Top 100 Sexiest Women of the Year for three years consecutively, takes her Bulldog for a walk.

Beth Ostrosky with her Bulldog

She purchased "Bianca Romijn-Stamos" from a breeder in 2002. The Bulldog is noted for it's spirit and strength, and is frequently used to Symbolize Churchill for these very qualities. The breed has many wrinkles, especially over the face that must be cleaned regularly.

Over the years, the aggressive elements of Bulldogs have been reduced by selective breeding, and they are widely considered friendly pets who are good companions. Do you want to see some gorgeous bulldogs?

The dog protects his bone...from his leg!

July 29, 2008 by sandor.fagyal


Our friend here thinks that his leg is going to steal his bone!

Maybe he's just sharpening his instincts?

World's Largest Dogs #1

July 29, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

Each Tuesday we will share a photo we received claiming to be the World's Largest Dog. A lot of you might have seen these photos. We couldn't verify the source so we leave it up to you to believe it or not. Photoshop can make look anything big. Let us know what you think. Have you seen any of these dogs in person? Do you have a photo that you want to share with us?

1) The Largest Great Dane:
It is a harlequin Great Dane. According to the breed standard Great Danes' shoulder height is between 71-86cm or 28-34 inch. While they are huge and can easily be as high as the woman in the photo, it looks fake. The hind legs are way too long, longer than the back line.

The Largest Great Dane


Don't forget to check back next week!


What does a dog's life span depend on?

July 28, 2008 by sandor.fagyal

We all know that our beloved dogs age faster than we do. While we live on, the world whizzes by for them at a speed several times faster that it does around us.

Like the Elves in Tolkien's mythology, who saw the men (the atantari) grow old and die in dismay, we feel a pang of regret as we watch the nose of our dogs slowly turn white, and their energy drop. We remember the time when they used to whizz around non stop after a ball, or with us, tirelessly.

Komondor photo

Some say that a single year of a dog measures upto 15 years for humans. The oldest dog in the world was "Bluey"