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June 18, 2012 by steve

Since Euro Puppy’s inception over 10 years ago, Euro Puppy has yet to show our ‘ faces’ to you. So to rectify this, recently on a glorious sunny day, all Euro Puppy staff went to an old established park in central Budapest together with some of our shortly to be transported puppies, to have our pictures taken. But more importantly to have fun with the excited batch of puppies, in the end, with all pictures taken the puppies and staff were all ‘dog tired’.

So to introduce the Euro Puppy staff to you, please enjoy our pictures:

Standing: Steve, Tibor, Sandor and Eddie

Kneeling: Pal, Győrgy, Karoly and Zsolt


Introducing your New Puppy to the Family

May 14, 2012 by steve

Children and Puppy

Your first day home with your puppy is a special day for you and your family.  Everyone will be trying to find their new position in the household.  There are new responsibilities, new adventures, and new toys everywhere!


5 facts you didn’t know about Vizsla dogs

May 7, 2012 by Peter
Vizsla puppy

Fact #1 

In a way the Vizsla has more in common with cats than other dogs. No, it doesn’t purr and meow, but it’s a self cleaning dog and has very little of the odour most other dogs possess. So the Vizsla is an ideal match for those with a sensitive nose and no desire to bath their dog every week.


Send a postcard of your puppy with Puppy Cards

April 11, 2012 by Peter

Puppy Cards app

Having seen the overwhelmingly positive response after we lanched our first app last year, we couldn't hold back... While our first app focuses on helping you to find your dream puppy, this time we put fun in the centre of attention.

Causes of Seizures in Dogs

April 3, 2012 by Peter

Many dog owners experience their dog having some sort of a seizure at some point of their lifetime. Being aware of the possible causes might make all the difference. This guest post from our friends at will help you identify dangerous situations.


5 Facts about Caucasian Mountain Dogs

March 26, 2012 by Peter

Caucasian Mountain Dog

Not sure if you are seeing a dog or a lion? Looks and ill-deserved notoriety can be deceptive. Let's look at some facts.

BarkBox - Make your best friend happy!

March 12, 2012 by Peter

barkboxThe last thing we expected was to bump into Matt Meeker, one of the brilliant minds behind BarkBox, here in Budapest. Yet, that’s exactly what happened just last Friday. Matt, also cofounder of, came to Budapest to share his experiences as a serial entrepreneur with his European fellows.


Proof: owning a dog makes you more attractive

March 6, 2012 by Peter

walking dog

There are plenty of good reasons to own a dog. They make you happier, help you lose weight, entertain and give you company, help your children learn responsibility, but above all they give you unconditional love that is so hard to get from humans, except your mother perhaps.

If all those reasons are not enough for you to get a dog, it is now scientifically proven that owning a dog makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.


Top 5 dog breeds you definitely need pet insurance for

February 27, 2012 by Peter

dog broken leg

Taking out pet insurance for your dog is becoming an essential part of being a responsible dog owner, at least according to the RSPCA and similar organizations. People somehow seem to think differently, at least that's the impression you get if you look at the number of dogs insured. Apparently only 3% of dogs are insured in the US, while the UK is doing much better with 20% of all dogs being insured. If you take into account that nearly 50% of all dogs need veterinary treatment for sickness or accident every year, the proportion of insured dogs seems much smaller. 


Malachy the Peke wins best in Show at Westminster

February 21, 2012 by Peter